How to maintain your mental health & stay upbeat!!

How to maintain your mental health & stay upbeat!!

In recent times, if there is a unanimous thing we all agree to, it is ” maintain your mental health”. For the past few months, we all have faced various challenges with the drastically changing dynamics in our professional & personal lives. All of us who are still surviving, have a lot of credit to take & pass it on to the nourished mental make up.

The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.

There are challenges at present and we are not debating that. These challenges are out of our control and nevertheless the toughest times our generation has seen so far globally. So, what do we do? I know we all are doing our best and holding up in the present scenario. Its amazing how we have accepted the new protocols of wearing masks, washing hands often, using sanitisers, and so many others as if we we were always doing these. Here are few things which all of us can sneak in to our daily lives to deal with the situation better:

  • Gratitude: If you have food on the table, family and friends by your side & a roof on your head , you are blessed. Be thanful. SHUKR… means thankfullness for all that is there. Once you start being in gratitude everyday, it becomes a habit. There is always something in our lives for which we can be thankful. Always.. With gratitude, you change your life because you change your perception.
  • Service: SEWA.. It means to serve others. The problem most human beings have is that they cannot think of life beyond themselves. or their family. That is where is the biggest blunder we all commit. The moment we experience life beyond ourselves, beyond our nedds and desires, we move away from the hollow self. we move away from being selfish and self centerd to serving. It could be serving stray animals, homeless people, your own staff, serving nature, the list is endless.

Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.

Service or sewa is very rewarding and once you start doing it, the joy you experirnce is amazing, because till the time you start doing something for others you didnt know what it is to be like a giver. Giver of hope, love, help and your precious goodness. Its there in all of us, just needs little scraping the ego..

  • Have a separate time every 2-3 days for worrying. Yes, schedule a time slot for worrying and stick to the time lines.
  • Start gardening in your balcony, terrcace, room.. These days there are hundreds of videos and ideas to help you start growing any kind of plants. Its therapeutic when you put ypur hands in the soil and feel it on your hands. Watering, pruning and taking care of the plants like your own children brings so much joy.
  • Take time out from social media. According to latest research carried out by ANXIETY UK, 53% of participants said social media had changed their behaviour to the negative. ” if you are predisposed to anxiety, it seems that the pressures from technology act as tipping point, making people feel more insecure and more overwhelmed” . This issue is worrysome especially for teenagers ass they are constantly connected on social media.
  • Practice self care. Whatever works for you and helps you stay calm and is good for your mental wellbeing. Yoga, long baths, essential oils, music, cooking…
  • Pray. There is immense power in praying. Doing beads or japa of your favourite God / Goddess, bestows divine strength & guidance. Dont we all need that?
  • Develop a hobby outside your normal /existing skill sets. Your job is not your life. Get a life outside your job or business. Create something, anything.
  • Challenge yourself to smile more and remain happy. Its a MUSCLE that needs to be worked on.

Hopefully, by trying out these few things you can make some difference in your menat wellbeing and feel more centered.

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