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Because I am no different than you…..

I have had my share of doubts, apprehensions and darkness when it comes to living holistically and finally today I feel I am in sync with nature and I say this with full conviction that I have never felt better in my life..I have been lazy and I have not listened to my body so many times. I have abused my body by keeping it hungry just to lose a few inches. I have starved my body of love, care and attention because I tought I never looked good enough. I was not happy with myself.. AND HENCE I KNOW HOW IT FEELS to be living an unfulfilled life.I have struggled to be healthy and full of energy always. Being a mother, a wife and an entrepreneur most part of my life, I completely understand the value of being fit and energetic.

I CANNOT AFFORD to deplete my energy levels and I know for a fact we all can do with more energy, more vitality and more peace to ourselves. This is the only life we have and we should live it with utmost health, joy, enthusiasm and purpose.

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Hi, I did the seven days workshop with Nidhi Sharma on “Immunity and beyond”.It was truest to its name, the workshop was much beyond. Initially, I had my own apprehension about the workshop as these days everything is so commercial but Nidhi’s approach was very different. For the first time I witnessed any health coach Calling you and asking about my expectations from the workshop and discussed in detail about the health challenges. The workshop was well planned, simple but very effective. Every tool that was used to guide us left a deep impact on me and i could overcome my TMJ problem for which I was taking pain killers regularly. My energy levels doubled and with breathing techniques I felt at peace. The best part about this workshop was that Nidhi was always so involved and available to guide you, to check on you and to add value. I have deepest regard and gratitude for her and I recommend her to everyone as her workshops are just not about one aspect of the health, it is much “beyond”. Thank you, Nidhi.DEEPTI JAIN,
As a sports person, fitness is a huge attribute that needs to be at the best level possible. This involves not just strength, but other characteristics such as flexibility, endurance, and co-ordination of the mind and body. Through the Yoga techniques and methods taught by her, I was able to see great results. The Asanas helped with flexibility and muscle relaxation, while the pranayama (breathing technique) helped increase my lung capacity and energy levels in my body. As much as it helps better my fitness, this is also a huge energizer to start the day ahead.Sriram: In recent times, I had trouble with my sleep which therefore affected my food intake and appetite. After a few sessions of Yoga with Nidhi, I was able to restore my sleep back to normal slowly. This therefore ensured that my appetite too was back on track. The breathing exercises taught, works so effectively. I continue to practice the exercises every day that have been taught, which keeps me in good shape both mentally and physically.A huge thank you to Nidhi Sharma for teaching these exercisesDEEPA RAMAMOORTY,
The following post is a testimonial, extolling the YOGA techniques and methods rendered by Nidhi Sharma (Anand Wellness) to my husband Sriram and son Ajay.Ajay,
Hi Nidhiji, Om Sri Sairam. The webinar which I had the privilege to be a part of was indeed valuable. Three things which I took home and are still fresh in my mind. They are:-
  1. The importance of spices was an eye opener. Its a we’ll known fact that we at times or mostly if I may say so fail to realise the value of our own heritage until its stamped by the west as good. The way you explained the purpose of each and every ingredient was incredible.
  2. The asana which is termed as baby posture. Its so easy and refreshing. Its become as important as oxygen for me these days.
  3. The necessity to do away with dairy products. I’ve been successful in giving up milk completely and there’s a lot of difference I experience in my health.
Thankyou for such an informative session and I urge you to conduct many more in time to come. Regards Sriram
I contacted Nidhi Sharma in connection with the “Super immunity with better nutrition ” workshop that she was conducting with Dr Saravanan .She was very friendly and so willing to help out .I attended her workshop with my mother .She shared her thoughts and experiences around the key holistic ingredients in the path to wellness .The recipe session was very useful.She demonstrated WFPB recipes in a very simple and efficient way.Such workshops gives us hope and confidence to follow this new way of living.I thank Nidhi for her support and encouragement and for educating ,motivating and inspiring people to better health. Such efforts by Nidhi are extremely necessary and appropriate especially in current challenging times when the food choices we make have a great impact on the health of each individual ,the entire population and our environment .Keep up the good work!JAYASHREE RAVI KUMARMarketing Manager, Aster Media
First I wanna say THANKS to my health coach Nidhi Sharma for her diets and friendly nature. She explained to me that Healthy eating is about enjoying your food. She taught me what food is good for health and what food is bad for our health.  After that week (health discipline life was fully changed as personally, I am a very foodie person who used to eat much junk foods every day. I know it was very difficult but if you got, a wonderful coach like Nidhi Sharma than trust me that’s much easy. By doing this health program my body feels to active, happy and yes if we eat well we think also well. And I came across that nothing is impossible. I got to know my patience level, my commitment, discipline and dedication. I loved this program and still following what my coach said. Thank you,ANISHKA SHARMA,

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